Reclaimed Railroad Bolt Toilet Paper Holder with Removable Nut

We created these little guys to infuse some Shane Reclaim awesomeness into the world of toilet paper holders! They are handcrafted from reclaimed railroad bolts and will add an extra bit of character to your throne room!

The removable nut models have large square nuts that unthread to replace the toilet paper roll, while the solid models are welded solid and the roll slides off of the end of the bolt. These are one-of-a-kind pieces and the patina will range from a reddish rusty color to a dark raw metal finish depending on the specific bolt!

  • Handmade in the fresh mountain air of Colorado, USA
  • All metal construction
  • Ships with two 1 1/2" torque drive mounting bolts 
  • 6 1/2" long, 2 1/2" from the wall to inside of bolt

Shipping Info

Pieces are made to order, please allow 14 days for production. Thanks!

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