About us

“We strive to preserve history and honor the craftsmen and laborers that originally used our materials. We reclaim lumber from buildings that would have been left to rot into the ground, set on fire or taken to a landfill. The pieces that use railroad materials come from right here in Colorado.”

Jeff's work is steeped in history and tradition, from the tools in his hands to the materials he gathers to build every piece. He grew up with a love of woodworking, learning from his father and Pap Pap, and tools he uses today were passed down through his family. The materials in his goods are secondhand as well, and the lumber is reclaimed from century-old homes and barns. The railroad spikes in his racks come from sections of track on the legendary Tennessee Pass in Colorado. Every piece he creates is unique and made by hand, with a healthy respect for the materials.

Watch how the racks come to life in the video below.